Attendance Zones

date action

Nov-98 Guilford County School Board hires attorney to guide them through redistricting process
Apr-99 Board approves countywide redistricting plan
Mar-03 Schools enter phase V of the 1999 plan
Feb-04 Board creates single attendance zone for High Point's three high schools to balance them economically and improve student performance.
Feb-04 A parent opposition group, ABC of Guilford County is formed
Aug-05 Board unveils proposed attendance maps for five new schools
Sep-05 Board votes to keep attendance lottery for High Point schools.
Oct-05 First of 3 countywide maps is unveiled
Dec-05 Board abandons the High Point high school reassignment plan

March 2009
The Board of Education voted 8-1 in favor of a regional map that organizes county schools into four regions. Each will be led by a regional superintendent and staffed with curriculum and school support personnel.

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