David Leinail Richmond

One of the original four, taking part in the Woolworth sit-ins. Richmond was born in Greensboro in 1941. His parents were also Greensboro natives, Mozelle and John F. Richmond. David grew up in the East White Oak community (a mill village established for the black workers of Cone Mills factories) and attended Jonesboro Elementary, Lincoln Street Junior High School and graduated from Dudley High School.

At A&T, he majored in business administration and accounting. He left A&T three credits short of his degree.
After leaving A&T, Richmond worked at Cone Mills, as a job counselor with CETA, a federal poverty program in Greensboro and at the Greensboro Health Care Center.
In the 1970s he moved to the mountain community of Franklin, where he lived for nine years. Richmond returned home to Greensboro to care for his parents in 1980. That year, the Greensboro chamber of Commerce awarded him the Levi Coffin Award for “leadership in human rights, human relations, and human resources development in Greensboro.”
He had three children: He and Dorothy Morton (now Harrison), Richmond's high school girlfriend, had a daughter. Angela Morton Obi, born in 1959.
Richmond and his first wife had two children, David Richmond, Jr. and Hadelyn (Lynn) Richmond Massenburg.
Richmond and his second wife, Yvonne Bryson, had no children together.
Richmond died of lung cancer on Dec. 7, 1990. He was 49 years old. A&T awarded him a posthumous honorary doctorate degree.

Sources: News & Record archive; UNCG's Greensboro Voices

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