David Stonecipher

  • August 1992: Stonecipher is chosen to succeed Roger Soles as president and chief executive of Jefferson-Pilot Corp. and Jefferson-Pilot Life. He is the first chief executive in the company’s 85 year history who has not previously worked for the company.
  • September 1992: 51 year-old chief executive of Life of Georgia arrives in Greensboro as the president-elect and CEO-elect.
  • March 1993: Installed as President and CEO.
  • Nov 1993: After 60 years of service, Joseph M. Bryan, 97, retires from the board of directors.
  • 1994-95: Jefferson-Pilot acquires Chubb Life Insurance Co. of America, Hamilton Life, Guarantee Life Insurance Co. and Kentucky Central Life. The Chubb acquisition alone doubles JP’s share of the life insurance market.
  • 1995: Stoneciper co-chairs a group investigating the possibility of attracting a major-league baseball team to the Triad.
  • 1996: JP announces plans for development of homes, corporate offices and retail businesses on Jefferson-Pilot owned 415 acres along New Garden Road in northwest Greensboro. New Garden residents block the plans after gathering 15,000 signatures and overthrowing the rezoning. The next year, a compromise is made so that JP can develop 260 acres, setting aside 79 acres for parkland.
  • 1997: Stonecipher is named honorary chairman for the 1998 Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic.
  • 1998: JP employs 1,800 in the Triad, 4,300 nationwide. Common shares split 3 for 2.
  • May 1998: Guilford and Forsyth voters shoot down a proposed tax that would have paid for two-thirds of the proposed Triad baseball stadium.
  • 2000: Alexander Hamilton Life, Guarantee Life Insurance Company and Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Co., formerly Chubb Insurance merge but keeps name Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of JP.
  • 2001: Stonecipher’s salary and other compensation are 3.1 million.
  • July 1, 2003: Stonecipher rings closing bell at New York Stock Exchange in honor of the company’s 100th birthday.
  • Dec 2003: Announces planned retirement for 2004, and his replacement, Dennis Glass.
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Source: News & Record archive

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