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Names and numbers for most folks you’ll need in the city bureaucracy are listed below.

IN THE EVENT OF ANY EMERGENCY: Pat Boswell, Director of Communications. Office: 373-2600 // 556-4740 (pager)
WEB SITE Extensive background information is available at the city's Web site,

To watch videos, get minutes and agendas for council meetings, visit:
Greensboro City Council The City Council is nonpartisan, in that they do not align themselves on party lines. All members are elected to two-year terms. The mayor is a member of the council and presides at meetings but does not have what is typically thought of as executive powers, which are wielded by the city manager.)

Mayor: Bill Knight: home 373-851, cell 402-0701
At large: Robbie Perkins: Work, 358-3219; cell: 337-0059; home 282-5728.
At large: Nancy Vaughan: 215-0192 cell
At large: Danny Thompson: office 664-5787; cell 402-1946
District 1: T. Dianne Bellamy-Small: .834-9309 office; 800-707-5003, Ext. 2982; 855-1847 home; 855-0827 (fax)
District 2: Jim Kee: home 285-8378; cell 451-518; work 944-1772
District 3: Zack Matheny: Cell, 686-1336; office 232-1978
District 4: Mary Rakestraw: Home, 852-8639; cell 253-7908
District 5: Trudy Wade: Work, 454-3171; cell, 404-8628, home 323-6480

The City Council has only one employee: the city manager.

Main line is answered by Deena, Susan or Mary. They might give you paperwork or information about the mangers schedules if you are polite to them.
City Manager: Rashad Young. The public safety divisions, human resources and legal report to Rashad.
Deputy city manager Bob Morgan: 373-2002(o) 373-2932(o). Bob is helpful and will always tell you as much as he can. His son is a sports reporter at a weekly in the Triangle, so he loves to talk about newspapers. The coliseum, engineering, field operations water resources and financial departments answer to Bob.
Assistant city manager: Denise Turner: direct office 373-3880; cell 314-4112. Denise will act as an emergency public relations officer. Call her in a major emergency when you need comment from the city manager office level. Human Relations, library, parks and recreation and pubic affairs report to Denise.
Assistant city manager for Economic Development: Interim Andy Scott: cell 337-0724; home 282-4058; office 373-2080. HCD, economic development, planning and transportation report to Andy.
City attorney’s office - 373-2320 – 373-2078 fax City attorney: A. Terry Wood, cell 404-9703
Deputy General Counsel:
Becky Jo Peterson-Buie (formal name is Becky, prefers Jo) is council to the PART board, also deals with human resources issues like domestic partner benefits.
Mike Williams covers lesser boards such as the CRB, Historic Preservation commission and Coliseum commission.
Maurice Cawn (police attorney; knows EVERYTHING about the Wray stuff, but says nothing)
Jim Clark handles zoning issues.
James Dickens advises the RUCO board.
Jamiah Waterman handles some boards.

CITY CLERK’S OFFICE Clerk: Betsey Robinson, 373-2397
Assistant City Clerk – Diana Schriber
Sharon is the asst. to the clerk and the mayor's helper.
The city clerk is responsible for compiling agendas, keeping minutes, etc... They are a good resource if you need to find out which council member voted in a certain way or need something that was handed up to council during a meeting. Can also quickly pull any contract the city has entered into in the past few years. They can also get you in touch with any member of a board or commission.

Communications director: Pat Boswell: 373-2600 (o), 556-4740 (pager)
Acting communications manager and Channel 13: Jim Collins: 373-2105; cell 686-3056. He is ayour first contact if you don’t know who the best person to talk to is.
Customer Service (complaints and ombudsman): Donna Gray, 373-2723

Public Safety:
Police Chief, Tim Bellamy 373-2996
Guilford Metro 911: Wesley Reid, 373-2122
Fire: Asst. Chief David Douglas

Planning Director: Dick Hails, 373-2922.
Planning manager, planning division: Mike Kirkman, 373-4649
Planning manager, Zoning division, Rawls Howard, 373-2748
Technical Review Committee: Jimmy Person, 412-5739. Jimmy chairs the TRC, which reviews site plans of new developments. If you’re looking for blueprints of a new project or technical details about the layout of a place, try him.

City Facilities / Building Inspections: Walter “Butch” Simmons, 373-2302 (engineering main); 2d office: 373-2329(inspections direct) (Inspections Gen.# 373-2155); mobile: 451-4000. Butch and his crew issue building permits and clamp down on zoning scofflaws.
Dan Reynolds, Inspections Chief: 412-6216 (o), 549-2176 (cell) Oversees RUCO and other local inspection issues.
Lori Loosemore: head of Local Ordinance Enforcement including RUCO.
Wanda Hovander: 373-2111. can get you paperwork involving RUCO violations.

Budget and Evaluation: Larry Davis, 373-2582. Larry, the chief architect of the city budget.
Finance Director, Rick Lusk, 373-2077. Think of the finance department as accounts receivable. They work with the money coming into the city. As well, Rick knows all about bonds.
Patti Koontz Tax Collector, 336-373-2353. Somewhat media shy. Tax collector is responsible for collecting fees that the city charges like parking tickets and other fines. Property tax is collected by the county’s Tax Department, who sends the money over to the city. Sales tax is collected by the state and distributed through the county.

The transportation department is responsible for maintaining city streets, traffic signals, etc.
Transportation Director: Adam Fischer: 373-2861 office, 382-7042 cell. Adam is in charge of all of the city’s transportation construction projects and things like traffic signals.
Libby James, GTA buses: 373-2634; 373-2820 - has everyone's name and number

This is a new department that does tons of stuff: Garbage and recycling; leaves; yard waste; street cleaning; snow removal; park maintenance; right of way maintenance
Dale Wyrick, operations manager, 373-2783; Cell is 382-8368. If you want to know about street clearing or cleaning, leaf collection, etc.
James Steber, 373-2785, works with Wyrick; knows what there is to be known about loose-leaf collection and litter pick-up.
Nancy Lindemeyer, 373-3642, does PR for field operations and is very helpful. Can talk about city recycling programs.
Gary Smith, in charge of the city’s fleet, at 373-2448

Water & sewer: Allan Williams:. 373-2050 (direct), 373-2055 (o), 545-5546 (h), 402-2778 (cell). This is the go-to guy on drought issues
Payment issues: Jeff Kimel, 373-2639
W+S Maintenance Director: Jerry Peacock: O:373-2033; H: 674-2818, C: 430-6278.
Stormwater: Kenney McDowell: 373-2055 (o)

Environmental services: Jeryl Covington: 373-2787

Parks and Rec: Bonnie Kuester: 274-0629 (h), 373-2552 (o), 430-6570 (cell)
Dan Maxson (412-6225)
Nasha McCray: 433-7360 park development
Chris Wilson: 373-3815, cell 312-2193 oversees park maintenance
Library Director: Sandy Neerman, 373-2699
HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Housing and CD: Andy Scott; 282-4058 (h), 373-2028 (o), 337-0724(cell). Andy can help you understand the complicated world of HUD grants and whatnot. He’ll complain about having to talk to the media, but he actually likes it. He’s an avid blog reader.
Stefan-Leih Geary, Historic Preservation Planner, 412-6300.
Dan Curry, operations manager for HCD, good second guy to call if Andy is not available. 373-2751, 382-8354 cell
Sue Schwartz: Sue is the chief of Neighborhood Planning and the national president of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Sue is extraordinarily helpful and a real talker. 373-2149 (o).
Housing Authority – The Housing Authority is NOT a city agency. It is best described as an independent authority – that sometimes works in cooperation with city agencies – to provide housing to low income people. The authority has both its own buildings (the Hope VI project) and administers the Sec. 8 housing voucher program. Tina Akers, Executive Director, 336-275-8501 x3164
More numbers can be found here:

Coliseum managing director: Matt Brown: 286-2596 (h), 373-7406 (o)
Coliseum business manager: Jerome Fletcher: 373-7421
Coliseum spokesman: Andrew Brown, 373-7456 or 209-3766 (cell)
Coliseum assistant director: Scott Johnson, 373-7449
Human Relations, Anthony Wade, 373-2038
M/WBE, Kathleen Smith, 373-2674
Human Resources, 373-2020, Director Connie Hammond, 373-4629.
Alice Burkholder: 373-7947
Service Center Manager, Jim Howerton, 412-5713
Training and Employment, Lillian Plummer, 373-8568

Greensboro Neighborhood contacts
Greensboro Neighborhood Congress members:
Donna Newton – liaison: 851-2748; 202-4309
Art Davis, co-chair: 772-4152
Marsh Prause, issues committee: 254-7349
Joel Landau, issues committee:
Mike Pendergraph: 339-2788

Concerned Citizens of NE Greensboro:
Ralph Johnson – 968-6001
Sharon Hightower – 508-5346

Former City Workers:
Former City manager: Ed Kitchen: h: 294-9457.
Business Assistance and Development: Tom Stapleton, 373-2668
Former Planning Director, Tom Martin; 373-2144 (o), 373-2922 (direct), 288-2484 (h) (Good for big picture stuff or controversial cases headed to council.)
Former City Manager Mitchell Johnson – cell, 430-6811; home, 373-2117.

Former City Council members
Mayor: Keith Holliday:.299-9328 (h), 412-4018 (o)
At large: Florence Gatten: 288-7820 (h), 273-4700(w)
Dist. 3 (N): Tom Phillips: 333-7425 (w), 288-9160 (h), 202-6017 (cell)
Dist. 5 (SW): Sandy Carmany: 855-1538 (h), 908-0957 (cell)
Former Mayor: Carolyn Allen: 288-3045 (h) -self-described tree hugger.
Bill Burckley: 272-3400 – against most everything.
Earl Jones: 273-0840 (h) - now a state legislator.
Nancy Vaughan.: 370-1582 (h), 664-0012 (w), 215-0192 (cell) -married to sitting member Don Vaughan, also on Airport Authority board.
Dist. 1 (SE): Rev. Belvin Jessup:.272-6302 (w), 274-0028 (h), 456-5838 (cell)
Former At large: Don Vaughan: 273-4183 (h), 273-1415, ext. 201 (o), 215-0194 (cell)
Former Mayor: Yvonne Johnson: 375-5173 (h), 275-3699, ext. 203 (o), 255-3060 (cell)
Former At large: Sandra Anderson Groat: 402-7192 (cell)
Former District 2: Goldie Wells: 375-4123 (h), 549-8712 (cell)
Former District 4: Mike Barber: 273-4884 (w), 852-0195 (h), 580-4241 (cell)

Former GSO police chief Robert White now heads the Louisville metro police department: 502-574-7660
Former Guilford D.A. Mike Schlosser (he prosecuted the Klan shootings in the early 80s) 292-4076.

Compiled by Amanda Lehmert, Staff Writer

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