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  • 2007: Guilford County Schools clears Northern Guilford High's athletic program of allegations of recruiting.
  • Fall of 2008 -- Schools superintendent Maurice Green opens a new investigation into Northern Guilford's athletic program.
  • April 10, 2009: Three Northern employees -- principal Joe Yeager, athletic director Darrell Force and head custodian Louis Lawson -- resign from the school. Schools system officials later announce they are investigating Northern's athletic program for student eligibility and other eligibility issues.
  • April 16: Lawson, whose son plays for the Northern Guilford basketball team, recinds his resignation, saying he was coerced.
  • April 23: The N.C. High School Athletic Association announces that Page High used an unnamed, ineligible player during the 2008 football season.Patricia Hughes says the player is her son, Gabe King. Hughes said Page officials knew her son was ineligible all along. Schools system officials are investigating her allegations.
  • April 24: Guilford County school board members vote unanimously to fire Lawson.
  • May 6:Greentells Northern Guilford parents, teachers and studentshe will investigate other schools if credible evidence is presented.
  • May 6: Sources tell the News & Record that schools system officials are investigating whether Northeast Guilford basketball coach Curtis Hunter attempted to recruit Northern Guilford basketball player Michael Neal last month.
  • May 13: The North Carolina High School Athletic Association stripped Northern Guilford High’s boys basketball team of its 3-A state championship after Guilford County Schools officials determined the team used two ineligible players throughout the season. Superintendent Green says the county is investigating other schools.
  • May 17: Parents of some of the players ruled ineligible met with the local NAACP branch to discuss the school system’s handling of the issue.
  • May 20: Guilford County Schools widenes its investigation into Northern Guilford High’s athletics program and is looking into whether money from several fundraisers and the school’s booster club may have been misappropriated.
  • August 3, 2009: System officials complete their investigation, ruling seven more students — 12 in all — ineligible. System officials say the latest group of students, like the five in the spring, used false addresses within the attendance zone. The students competed for varsity and junior varsity football, varsity boys swimming, varsity and junior varsity baseball and boys track and field. System officials find that Northern officials should have determined the fraud involving the varsity and junior varsity baseball teams. The junior varsity team forfeits an unknown number of games.

Compiled by Robert Bell, Staff Writer

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