Wafco Mills

Wafco Mills
  • The mill started in 1893 and operated under several names until 1943. Then, it became Wafco Mills. The “Wa’’ stood for the Watson family of Greensboro, co-founders of the mill, the “f’’ stood for feed and flour, and the “co’’ stood for company.
  • Wafco made Feather Soft Flour and Old Southern Corn Meal as well as Wafco Dog Food.
  • The mill closed in 1972 and stood empty for about 10 years before being converted into apartments and later to condominiums in 1986.
  • The buildings are significant because they are “a vital reminder of the industrial growth which took place in many early 20th-century cities in North Carolina,” writes architectural historian Kaye Graybeal of Greensboro.
  • Also adding luster to the mill’s history is the fact that the founders — W.A. Watson Sr., W.A. Watson Jr. and Englishman Tom North — helped build Cone Mills’ Proximity, White Oak and Revolution plants on the north side of Greensboro.

Source: News & Record Archive (Jim Schlosser story, Feb 24, 1996)

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