Greensboro YMCA

· 1859: First Y programs started, but stopped at the onset of the Civil War.
· 1880s: Programs at the old Planter’s Hotel in downtown included an adult lending library and night classes in penmanship and bookkeeping.
· 1910: In six days 200 business men, teachers and clerks raised $65,969 for a new building.
· 1911: New Y facility opened on Christmas day located on Greene Street at Sycamore Street.
· 1912: The Greensboro Y had more than 2,000 members, more per capita than any other city in the nation. Bedrooms could be rented for $6 - $10 a month.
· 1925: A new Greensboro Y was built at 517 West Market and Spring Streets at a cost of $425,000. The building was built on the site of the A.W. McAlister (Pilot Life founder) home.
· 1936 – 1948: Piedmont Golden Gloves Tournament (boxing) was held at the Central YMCA.
· 1939: Hayes-Taylor Y opened.
· 1941-1945: The Central Y at 517 W. Market St. provided a shower and a thin mattress cot for 50 cents a night to more than 12,000 soldiers during World War II.
· 1950s: The Y became the first major public institution in the city to integrate.
· 1964: The YMCA’s building committee approved the architects’ (Loewenstein-Atkinson) plans for a $500,000 addition and remodeling job for the building at 517 W. Market Street.
· 1965: Directors of the Central YMCA reaffirmed integration by adopting a resolution stating that “there shall be no discrimination because of race, color or creed” in the operation of the YMCA in Greensboro.
· 1969: New Central Y building completed at Market and Tate Streets.
· 1980: Guilford College Community UMCA opened.
· 1990: Reidsville Family YMCA opened.
· 2002: Spears Family Y opened on Horse Pen Creek Road, replacing the facility at Guilford College.
· 2003: New building – Bryan Family YMCA - at West Market and Spring Streets opened.
· 2004: Stoney Creek Express Y and the Ragsdale Family Y opened in Jamestown.
. 2015: New Hayes-Taylor YMCA at Barber Park is scheduled to open.

Sources: News & Record archive, Greensboro YMCA, Greensboro, North Carolina by Ethel Stephens Arnett (1955).

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